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Start at the Right Age

How soon is too soon?


Adults can start at any age.  We recommend you start when you can commit to practicing and attending lessons on a regular basis.



Choosing the proper age is important when considering lessons. Starting too soon may overwhelm your child.  Sometimes it is better to start when your child is ready and prepared for a private lesson even if it means waiting until they are older. 

Here are a few general guidelines.

Guitar - Age 8 and up

Piano - Age 5 and up

Violin - Age 5 and up

Voice - Age 8 and up


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6525 W. Bluemound Road, Ste. 11

Milwaukee, WI 53213


Lesson & Office Days

Mondays - Thursdays

Fridays - 


Lesson & Office hours

9:30 AM - 8:00PM

9:30AM - 7:00PM

10:00 AM - 2:00PM

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